Honoring Our Own For Their Years of Service

Honoring Our Own for years of service is a long tradition here at Keyes Union Elementary School District.  This year we honored our staff members for their years of service as we begin the new school year.  It serves as an opportunity to celebrate the dedication and excellence of employees throughout the District who have found opportunities in their roles to make substantial contributions to the success of Keyes Union School Year. 

Whether teacher, leader, or a support team member, each member recognized for years of service contributes toward creating a difference in the lives of our students.  

In recognizing our colleagues successes for years of service, we celebrate the achievements of our organization as a whole and affirm the truth that in order to sustain commitment and optimism, and to support continued improvement we must recognize and applaud examples of service, dedication and excellent practice as the standard which we continue to set for ourselves in all our work.

Congratulations to all honorees.


Dr. Helio Brasil