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About Us

The first Keyes School was organized in 1905 when the sixteen families living in the area asked the county to establish a school here so their children would not have to travel six miles for classes. The first teacher at Keyes School was Rose McGarr, who was paid only $65.00 a month! In the early 1900’s, Keyes was known as an essential railroad stop. As much as 1,800 carloads of melons were shipped through Keyes each year. Around 1910, a creamery, grocery store, and church had been built to go along with the new school.


The Keyes Parent-Teacher club was formed in 1925 and still exists today. About that same year, the community decided the old school building was too small, so a new school was built across the street. The second Keyes School lasted until 1956 when our current school was built.


Keyes Elementary students are proud of their community and their history. Our focus at KES is to provide students excellent opportunities to thrive academically and develop positive peer to peer relationships. We are a safe community at KES, where once you step on our campus, all are welcome and all have the opportunity to learn! We believe our students CAN and WILL achieve great things!


KES Cougars are Courageous and Strong!