Principal's Message



Welcome back for the 2021-22 school year!  If you are new to our community, we look forward to working with you!  Our last school year was challenging for sure; however we have so many opportunities this year to not only regain what was lost as a community, but come back better, stronger, and more robust than before.  I am optimistic that we will become more responsive to student and family needs, and that this tragedy can become an opportunity for building back towards a better future.


We will have multiple interventions in place to support students with learning loss- and to push student enrichments out for our students who did well under distance learning.  Materials have been purchased, and teachers and staff have begun working with these programs over Summer School.  We will continue using these programs in Fall and receive further training.  Other student assistance programs will be introduced as the need is determined by all stakeholders, including You.


In this time of isolation, I have taken the opportunity to work on bettering myself, strengthening social networks, working out to avoid the “covid-20” and partnering with outside organizations to bring greater opportunities to our school community.  With the State’s reopening, I look forward to welcoming parents and volunteers back on campus, extending our time where our school is open to students, and going back to normal.


I will be sending out multiple surveys to ask parents for input on how to make our school a more inviting and productive learning environment.  Coffee with the Principal will also be a good place to speak with me and other likeminded folks about your concerns, suggestions, and Please be on the lookout for them throughout the year.


I hope all of you will be pleased with these upcoming changes.  As always, if you would like to meet with me please make an appointment with our fabulous school secretaries by calling (209) 667-1660.  I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing your children back on campus in the Fall of 2021!



Mr. Murray